Our research is at the intersection of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. We use the advanced ultrafast optical spectroscopy methods study a wide range of complex and important molecular systems.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. Biophysics: Protein hydration, macromolecular crowding, and the interplay between structure and dynamics in proteins and membranes

  2. Photocatalysis: Can we efficiently harness sunlight to drive combustion in reverse, simultaneously removing harmful greenhouse gases while producing useful fuels and starting materials? Our recent work shows that it is possible to understand chemical dynamics on excited states (key for photocatalysis) with exceptional detail, enabling a detailed understanding of reactivity.

  3. Designer Enzymes: Working with protein engineering collaborators at UM and abroad, we are studying newly designed enzymes that both mimic and transcend natural catalysts.

  4.

Welcome to the Kubarych Group

We use ultrafast spectroscopy to watch chemical reactions as they happen

See our paper on protein crowding. Using a novel vibrational labeling approach, we can detect site-specific hydration dynamics.

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