Our research is at the intersection of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. We ask questions that will help us to learn the basic design and functional principles behind the structure and function of biological molecules and chemical reactions. Ultimately we would like to know why nature has chosen to shape her structures the way she has. "Why" questions, however, are very difficult to address, so we will begin by investigating how proteins work, how they interact with their surroundings, and how they interact with other proteins. This understanding would put us in a very powerful position to design, alter and manipulate chemical structure and reactivity in a rational way.

We are developing transition metal carbonyl vibrational probes to act as dynamics sensors in complex environments including glasses, nanocavities, proteins, membranes and heterogeneous photocatalysts.


Welcome to the Kubarych Group

We use ultrafast spectroscopy to watch chemical reactions as they happen

See our recent paper on protein hydration. Using a novel vibrational labeling approach, we can detect site-specific hydration dynamics.

Protein Dynamics

Complex Environments