Kathryn W. Tosney

Professor of Biology

The University of Michigan


Contact information
MCDB Department
3103 Natural Science Building
830 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

telephone: (734) 764-9964
lab phone: (734) 763-8089
FAX: (734) 647-0884



Links to some of my web pages:

Research and teaching page: includes links to past and ungoing research, lab personal, teaching and interests

Bio 208, Embryology

Bio 501, Professional Writing in Biology

The Mysteries of Embryology: a course for high school students in the Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program

Mysteries of Embryology, class of 2002

Tutorial on How to Construct a Convincing Poster

aCross Development: crossword puzzles as a study aid

Survival Strategies in Academia: abstract for a talk given periodically on career survival.

Herpetoculture: resource pages for Pogona viticeps, the Australian Bearded Dragon