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evildoer sin pantheon vehicle
anthrax  bring the noise  attack of the killer b's  is
maniac killer  masturbating in the blood dripping from never mind.  amusing anecdotes for the depraved   
doom  drowning in the mainstream  total doom  peaceville
kreator  death is your savior  picdisc  noise
dri  couch slouch  dealing with it  death
neurosis  ingrown  pain of mind  a/t
nailbomb  police truck  proud to commit commercial suicide  roadrunner
drawn & quartered  return of the black death    moribund

gwar  je m'appelle j. cousteau  hell-o!  shimmy disc
manitoba's wild kingdom  speedball  and you?  mca
maggut  hate humanitarianism  into the gore   
nasty savage  unchained angel  abstract reality  metal blade
goatwhore  the serpent that enslaves what is worshipped  funeral dirge for the rotting sun  rotten
ludicra  one thousand wolves  another great love song  a/t
voivod  this is not an exercise  killing technology  noise
marduk  through the belly of damnation  rom 5:12  regain
dragonforce  music for barfing on the tiltawhirl