Kevin M. Stange

Work in progress

(draft may be available upon request)

How Does Provider Supply and Regulation Influence Health Care Markets? Evidence from Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (Nov 2012 version)

Differential Pricing in Undergraduate Education: Effects on Degree Production by Field (May 2013 version)

Optimal College Tuition Policy When Completion is Uncertain

College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students' Preferences for Consumption? (with Brian Jacob and Brian McCall) (Jan 2013 version)

The Importance of School Infrastructure to Students and Teacher Labor Markets: Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from School Bond Elections (with Isaac McFarlin and Paco Martorell)

The Effect of Marginal Pricing on Student Progress at Public Universities (with Steven Hemelt)

Does Capacity Constrain Student Success in Higher Education?

The Consequences of Tuition Deregulation in Texas (with Rodney Andrews)

The Effect of School-to-Work Participation on School and Labor Market Transitions (with Dan Kreisman) | voice: (734) 615-6990