Black Ash Baskets From Walpole And Pottawatomi Islands

This picture is comprised of baskets from basket makers from the island. From left to right as follows. The powder blue was made by Lavina Day, the small pink curl by Rosie Ermatinger, the large hamper w/rings by Kendall Sands, the plain curl on pink background by Maury Day, the large brown and sweetgrass trimmed basket by Ora Blackbird and the smaller one with pointed curls by Vervena Aquash.

This is a picture of my dad and my great gram from the 60's when they visited Wiki. The following basket is a hamper she made that we still have. It stands 30 inches tall and it is sweet.

The two other hampers are what i've collected. I have more...

The following basket is from Vera John which was made in 1986 and sold to my mom for 10.00 dollars. It's a pretty purple and yellow basket.

A picture of myself from my Michigan days. These are three baskets I made earlier this year (2008). A fitted sweetgrass fringed one and two larger baskets with wooden handles.

Eva Blackbird. This is the only basket and picture that we have of her. Its a smaller market basket with wooden handles. She was my great great aunt. She preferred to make mid-size baskets.

This is an old U.S. Customs receipt for the 'importation' of 90 baskets by small boat in 1903. 9.25 for 90 baskets must have been a huge sum in those days.