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Mission Statement

  • To bring together Black researchers, industry professionals and students in robotics to mutually support one another to help navigate academic, corporate and entrepreneurial paths to success.
  • To advocate for more diversity, inclusion and equity within the organizations that we live and work in.
  • To ensure a seat at the table during the development, test and deployment of robotic systems that affect our communities.
  • To amplify our collective voices for calls for social justice.

Upcoming Events

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Committee's are being formed based on your responses to the Google Form (Click below if you are interested in joining one). Look forward to an email from the lead organizers to committees coming soon.

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We will moving to a Squarespace-powered website soon! Stay tuned!

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Organization Leads

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  • Dr. Ayanna Howard Academic Co-Lead
  • Dr. Monroe Kennedy III Academic Co-Lead
  • Maynard Holliday, MSc. Industry Co-Lead
  • Dr. Edward Tunstel Industry Co-Lead
  • Dr. Quincy Brown Organizational Lead
  • Dr. Carlotta Berry Undergraduate Academic Lead
  • Kwesi Rutledge Student Co-Lead
  • Yves Nazon Student Co-Lead