Daniel J. Kruger, PhD
University of Michigan

kruger -at- umich -dot- edu

Curriculum Vitae
What is Evolutionary Psychology? [-]

  1. Introduction
  2. Adaptation
  3. Inclusive Fitness and Kin Selection
  4. Evolution and Altruism
  5. Reciprocal Altruism
  6. Group Cooperation, "Group Selection," and Cheater Detection
  7. Parental Investment
  8. Intersexual Selection and Mate Selection Criteria
  9. Intersexual Attraction and Culture
  10. Sex Differences and Sex Roles
  11. Parent-Offspring Conflict
  12. The Future of Human Evolution
  13. References

Information for:

Research areas:
Applied community health
Economic and consumer behavior
Evolutionary Demography
Life History Theory
Literary Darwinism
Mating strategies
Mortality patterns
Risk taking

Other works:

  • A Philosophical Analysis of Evolutionary Psychology
  • A Brief Critique of Postmodernism
  • Insight on Fluoxetine