Krishna Garikipati's Homepage

Krishna Garikipati

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Mathematics

Tel:(734)936-0414, Fax:(734)647-9379
krishna at umich dot edu

Research interests

My work draws from nonlinear mechanics, materials physics, applied mathematics and numerical methods. I am particularly interested in problems of mathematical biology, biophysics and the materials physics. Current research interests include: (1) mathematical and physical modelling of tumor growth, (2) cell mechanics (3) chemo-mechanically driven phenomena in materials, such as phase transformations and stress-influenced mass transport. For more details follow the link below to my group's home page.


Honors and awards

Classes that I either commonly teach or have taught at University of Michigan

  • ME605: Advanced Finite Element Methods (advanced graduate level)
  • ME599: Multiphysics Phenomena at Microscales (rarely offered, advanced graduate)
  • ME511: Theory of Solid Continua (Continuum Mechanics, entry-level graduate)
  • ME505: Finite Element Methods (entry-level graduate)
  • ME382: Mechanical Behavior of Materials (junior year)