Krishna Garikipati's Homepage

Krishna Garikipati

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Mathematics
Associate Director for Research, Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery & Engineering
College of Engineering Faculty Fellow in Research Computing

Tel:(734)936-0414, Fax:(734)647-9379
krishna at umich dot edu

Research interests

My work draws from nonlinear mechanics, materials physics, applied mathematics and numerical methods. I am particularly interested in problems of mathematical biology, biophysics and the materials physics. Current research interests include: (1) mathematical and physical modelling of tumor growth, (2) cell mechanics (3) chemo-mechanically driven phenomena in materials, such as phase transformations and stress-influenced mass transport. For more details follow the link below to my group's home page.


Honors and awards

Classes that I either commonly teach or have taught at University of Michigan

  • ME605: Advanced Finite Element Methods (advanced graduate level)
  • ME599: Multiphysics Phenomena at Microscales (rarely offered, advanced graduate)
  • ME511: Theory of Solid Continua (Continuum Mechanics, entry-level graduate)
  • ME505: Finite Element Methods (entry-level graduate)
  • ME382: Mechanical Behavior of Materials (junior year)

Lecture recordings available as open course materials

Here are links to two series of recorded lectures that are openly available, and are being updated on a somewhat regular basis: