Press Mentions

2017    The Conversation. Communicating climate change: Focus on the framing, not just the facts.  

2016    Capital Gazette. Psychology: It's not worth losing friends over politics.

2016    Washington Post. The surprising thing that happened after these Democrats recycled a water bottle.

2014    Washington Post, Wonkblog. Why is it hard to get anywhere on fracking? Because people are too full of themselves.

2013    Politico. Toner, K. & Leary, M. R.  Superiority complex.

2013    Time. Science asks: Who’s more pig-headed, Dems or Republicans?

2013    CNN.  Debt ceiling debate: Preaching to the choir

2013    Washington Post, She the People blog. ‘Belief superiority’: A reason for the political impasse?

2013    Huffington Post. So damn superior: Parsing partisan politics.        

2013    Discovery News. Washington standoff: Why it’s stuck.

2013    Air Talk. KPCC Southern California Public Radio (NPR Affiliate). New psychology research finds extreme ideologues feel superior in political beliefs.


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