Inuvik, Northwest Territories
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Inuvik. Culture, friendly people, trucks, remote. The folks who live here are hard working, brave souls. My best wishes to you and for being a great part of my adventure into the north this year.

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There are three ways to get here. Drive the Dempster, fly, or arrive by natural delivery.

First off, the town has a lot of trucking companies. Here are a few. If I never photographer your company, my apologies. Normally I wouldn't have been intrigued by the companies, but after Ice Road Truckers, it was rather cool to see these names. Here is Gruben's Transport.

Matco Transportation

Northwind Industries

Akita Equtak Drilling.

Big trucks.

Funny trucks.

Here are the cool trucks that are used for examining the ice.

Some huge plows.

A cool dog at one of the trucking companies. Name?

Upon entering Inuvik, I was greated by this nice statue. Makes we wonder what they were looking at in the distance. If you know the name of state/artist, please let me know.

This is the arctic. Look at this sign. Are you ready to travel?

I love this piece of art. If you happen to know the name/artist, please let me know. It's of two whales and the deep blue sea.





They used wood to construct the church... guess what, this is inside the church! Yes, they used a hockey stick in the construction.

The end of the highway.

This sunset lasted for hours. Til I visit again. Thanks Inuvik! =)

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Inuvik, NWT
July, 2008
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