Sunday 7-19
Vartivar! Water Day! This is a very cool holiday. It stems from some Pagan ritual and today it basically gives everyone license to throw as much water as possible on whomever they want. It comes out of windows, balconies, cars, water bottles, empty pop bottles, hoses, water fountains, buckets, you name it, it held water today. We went to Khosvirop and Saint Gregor's "hole" where he was forced to live for 13 years. We all climbed inside of it. It was kind of silly, taking pictures and smiling inside of someone's prison cell. There were all of these beggar kids there… it was really depressing. We got back and bought stuff at Vernesage. Then Sevan, Nayiri and I went out to Pizza Di Roma. Of course the entire way there and entire way back we got drenched a million times.