Weds. 7-14
Got my package from home today! I received a water purifier. The Yervan water is not too great to drink, you see. Bottled water is like $2 for a bottle. I've been spending a terrible amount on it. So now I have this water purifier that can purify sewage water. How cool is that? Lilit came over this evening and the two of us went out. We went to the Moscow Theatre and saw this lizard, reptile, and rodent mini-zoo. We had very interesting conversations. We had to translate some crazy animal names. What was weird is that no one cared if you teased the animals by tapping on the glass cages. We walked outside and this dude came up to us asking if we spoke English. He was French and he and a bunch of kids from France and Armenia were working for a few weeks at a children's' hospital. We all went out and got beers and talked. His name is Oliver and the whole group spoke Armenian-English-French-German and somehow we all could understand eachother. However, when someone said in French "Say-va" I thought they were saying "sev-a" literally "the black" in Armenian.