Sunday 7-11

This morning we were on TV! Dr. B told us that it would be in English, but was it? No way! Sevan and Ani had to speak for all of us. Steve did say in Armenian that he liked the girls here. They of course bugged Richard and me about not being Armenian. We did get a lot of airtime though. Today we went to Hripsime, the church where Dr. B got married. Then we went to Echmiatzin. We got to have a private tour of the Catholicos's private domain/museum. It was really beautiful and very busy. That afternoon some of us went to see the opera Anouch. The story was a bit confusing, but I really liked the music and the costumes. I also talked to these kids sitting around us. This little girl Hasmeeg recited some poetry for us and that was really nice. We clapped and cried "yay". At night Nayiri, Sevan and I went to watch the world Cup final game. We thought that we were going to Chicken Coop, but it was closed and we found a really great little café that made awesome cheese sandwiches. France won.

Ani and Lara.



Angelle and Cindy.

Sarkis and Lara.

Computers at AUA.