Stephen DeBacker and Sarah Koch leading the daily Assembly. DeBacker was the Minister of Humor for the program, and Koch was the Director.
Math Corps campers doing homework with Stephen DeBacker over breakfast one morning.
Math Corps campers chilling out after class.
Math Corps students on a field trip to the Marine Hydronamics Lab.
Math Corps middle school and high school students having fun at the picnic!

Who We Are

The Ypsilanti Math Corps at the University of Michigan is a summer program for middle and high school students from the Ypsilanti area. Based on the model of the 27-years-running Wayne State Math Corps, we focus on more than math skills: we prioritize mentorship through a kids-teaching-kids model, providing a positive learning environment, and a strong sense of family. In 2019, our first year, the Ypsilanti Math Corps saw student test score averages triple after just four weeks!

Last summer the Ypsilanti Math Corps hosted 40 middle schoolers and 20 high schoolers. Given the students’ successes, we are looking for community partners to help increase the number of students we are able to host by 50% next summer, as well as to keep the Math Corps running on a long-term basis.