Sarah C. Koch

Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
East Hall, 530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

office: 3855 East Hall
email: kochsc at


I am an Associate Professor in the math department at the University of Michigan.


I work primarily in complex analysis, Teichmüller theory, and complex dynamics (in one and several variables).
Here is my CV, and here are my papers.


I am teaching Math 296 in Winter 2021.
I am a faculty advisor for Math Club, which will meet virtually this semester. I am also a faculty advisor for the student group FEMMES - check out all of the awesome things they are doing!
I also organize Math Mondays in Ypsi, where a bunch of us do math with students at Ypsi Community Middle School on Monday mornings. Our visits to the middle school have been temporarily replaced by virtual Super Saturdays. If you are interested in joining us, please email me.

Math Corps:

I am proud to be the Director of the Math Corps at U(M), a Summer Camp for middle schoolers and high school mentors from the Ypsilanti area. We faithfully follow the educational and mentoring practices of the Math Corps, a phenomenal program that started at Wayne State University in 1992. (Watch the video!). We look forward to Math Corps at U(M) 2021: middle school campers, high school TAs, and college students, apply now!!

Upcoming talks and travel(?) :

I am giving the Dresden Lectures at Swarthmore College in April 2021 (virtual).
I am giving a Math Encounters Presentation at the Museum of Mathematics in May 2021 (virtual).
I am speaking a colloquium talk at Cornell as part of the Topology Festival in May 2021 (virtual).
I am organizing a semester in Complex Dynamics at MSRI in Spring 2022.
I am speaking at the MAA Golden Section Meeting in February 2022.
I am participating in the Simons Symposium on Algebraic, Complex and Arithmetic Dynamics in August 2022.


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