Sarah C. Koch

Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
East Hall, 530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

office: 3855 East Hall
phone: (734) 764-6436
email: kochsc at


I am an Associate Professor in the math department at the University of Michigan.


I work primarily in complex analysis, Teichmüller theory, and complex dynamics (in one and several variables).
Here is my CV, and here are my papers.


I am teaching Math 636, the Topology and Dynamics of Rational Maps, together with Dylan Thurston this semester.
I am a faculty advisor for FEMMES, and I like to help out with Wolverine Pathways.

Upcoming talks and travel:

I am speaking at an AMS sectional meeting on Arithmetic Dynamics, at Northeastern University in April 2018.
I am going to Cornell to visit John Hubbard in May 2018.
I am participating in a small complex dynamics gathering at Northwestern in May 2018.
I am going to Toulouse to work with Xavier Buff in May 2018.
I am giving a colloquium talk at the Topology Students Workshop at Georgia Tech in June 2018.
I am speaking at the Orthogonal Polynomials and Dynamical Systems Conference at the Carlsberg Academy in Copenhagen in August 2018.
I am giving a colloquium talk at the University of Washington in October 2018.
I am organizing the Graduate Research Opportunities for Women conference, at the University of Michigan, together with Karen Smith and Mel Hochster, in October 2018.
I am giving an AMS-MAA Invited Address at the Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore in January 2019.
I am organizing the Illustrating Dynamics and Probability workshop as part of a semester on Illustrating Mathematics at ICERM, together with Jayadev Athreya and Alex Holroyd, in Fall 2019.


Bill Thurston
this week
Complex Analysis, Dynamics, and Geometry Seminar
Geometry Seminar
RTG Working Group
Topology Seminar
accouplements de polynômes, by Arnaud Chéritat.
one of my favorite stories