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Math115-093, Fall 2017

Math 115 - Section 93: Calculus I
Fall 2017

Instructor: Kannappan Sampath
TWF, 2:30--4:00, MH3356
Office Hours.
Monday 2pm - 3pm (EH Rm 3080)
Wednesday 1pm - 2pm (EH Rm B860)
Thursday 6:15pm - 8pm (EH Rm 3080)
Friday 1pm - 2pm (EH Rm 3080)

About the webpage. This is the website for Section 93 of Math 115. The primary website for the course is here. Please check this website at all times for any administrative information about the course.

About the course. We quote from the primary website:
Math 115 presents the concepts of calculus from four points of view: geometric, numerical, algebraic, and verbal. The emphasis is on concepts and solving problems rather than theory and proof. In addition to problem solving skills, we expect students to demonstrate marked growth in their reading, writing, and questioning skills.

Topics include functions and graphs, derivatives and their applications to real-life problems in various fields, and an introduction to integration.
For a detailed outline of topics, see the course outline.

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