vi Informational Links

The vi FAQ
This is a link to the vi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file. This should answer most of the questions that people ask when becoming familiar with vi and as such, is a good starting place to learn more (in addition to the links below). The most recent vi FAQ can be retrieved (by ftp) from

Unix is a Four Letter Word and VI is a Two Letter Abbreviation
An introduction to both Unix and VI. Skip right to the vi tutorial if you want. It includes the basics of vi usage, as well as Maarten Litmaath's vi reference, and miscellaneous vi tips.

UnixWorld VI Tutorials
This tutorial series starts with the fundamentals of editing with vi. This page has links to all the installments. Other installments include topics such as global operations, line mode addressing, substitution, replacement, setting up the vi environment, editing in columns, and macros.

Mastering the VI Editor
Web-based VI training originally from the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Engineering. Paul Sussex put a copy up on his site,, when the U. Hawaii files became unreachable in July 2012. It is available as a PDF.

Customizing vim
Instructions for customizing vim for programmers, people who use markup languages, or who really love vim and want to make it operate better.

The vi Archive (FTP to
This is a link to the mirror at of the official vi archive (it uses anonymous ftp). The archive includes tutorials & command summaries, macros, source code, and the comp.editors tip collection. Here is my unofficial HTML version of the archive index (approx. 32K HTML) which gives a brief description of, and links to, the files there.

vi Lover's Home Page
The place for all things vi, by Thomer M. Gil ( Links to many vi resources, sources, binaries, stories, FAQs, manuals, and tutorials. Highly recommended!

vi Reference Mugs
If you love vi, you've got to have one of these mugs on your desk! I ordered a set for myself, they arrived in just under a week, and appear exactly as advertised. Should be a good conversation starter... This site allows ordering via a secure web page.

The Quine Page
A page devoted to programs which reproduce their own source code. Includes several examples of quines for vi/vim/nvi/elvis.

My little vi page
A little vi page with links to vi-related sites.

comp.editors is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to text editors. Although this newsgroup is for almost any kind of editor for any system, much discussion of vi (and vim) takes place here: How do I do task Y in vi? Where can I find...? What's wrong with my macro? and other topics, including the perennial vi vs. emacs editor wars.

The VIM Home Page
VIM is Vi-IMproved, a free vi clone with many extensions and great features like syntax highlighting, folding, and unlimited undo. This site provides much information on the use of vim.

Elvis's Home
A home page devoted to the Elvis editor, including the Elvis manual, screen shots of Elvis on various platforms, links to the Elvis source code, and other Elvis-related information.

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