Unix-Related Sites

FreeBSD Page  --- FTP to freebsd.org
I run FreeBSD on my PC at home, so of course, my web interests tend to point in that direction. FreeBSD is available for Intel 386+ systems, and it tends to shine in that environment (it is also available for other hardware, such as AMD64). One of this free operating system's strong points is TCP/IP networking. Many application programs are available (free, freeware, and commercial) as ports and/or "packages" (precompiled binaries packed with or linked to all the files needed to run the application--installing packages is as simple as typing "pkg_add package-name"). A large team of individuals continues to contribute actively to the development of FreeBSD. Includes SCO and Linux emulation.

NetBSD Page  and  OpenBSD Page
NetBSD and OpenBSD are related free *nix operating systems (based on the 4.4BSD-lite distribution, as is FreeBSD), although it is fairly safe to say now that OpenBSD has found its own niche. The NetBSD group tries for maximum portability and stability across platforms, while the OpenBSD group tries for maximum security while retaining portability. These operating systems also are of interest since their software tends to port (mostly) effortlessly to FreeBSD (and vice versa, one presumes).

Daemon News
A site with a BSD-oriented e-zine, a print magazine, a BSD mall with clothing and other goods, etc.

Unix Guru Universe Unix SysAdmin Page
Unix Guru Universe (Classic)
The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators. The site is broken down into the following areas: (Unix) Flavors, System Administration, Networking, Security, Software (62 categories), Help, Conferences/Shows/Events, Vendors, Careers, and Internet. Too much to describe in a short space.

Practical Reusable Software
AT&T AST OpenSource Software Collection
ksh and other reusable software tools. Downloading programs may require assenting to a license agreement.

Unix System Administrator's Resources
Many information sources and links to same: FAQs, patches, tutorials, and more.

Nothing but Unix...

Copy of Unix Vault (New Maintainer)
According to the author this site is "an attempt at a complete compendium of UNIX and strongly UNIX-related material." Stuff for many flavors of *nix, including shells, security-related files, links to other Unix materials (organizations, FAQs, etc.), windowing systems, and scripting information. Once again, too much to adequately describe here.

oak.oakland.edu/pub/unix-c (site is off-line due to hardware malfunction)
A bit on the old side as far as the ages of the files, but often useful for the source code to any number of handy utilities and replacement programs for those systems lacking them.

Perl Reference Page
A decent starting point for learning about Perl, including some system administration tools written in perl.

sed Sites
Several links to seders sites, and other information about the sed editor.

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