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FIGlet is a computer program, available for many operating systems, for making large letters out of ordinary ASCII text characters
           o      o             o  o          
           |    o | /           |  |    o     
           |      OO   o-o     -o- O--o   o-o 
           |    | | \  |-'      |  |  | |  \  
           O---o| o  o o-o      o  o  o | o-o 
        ___   ____       ______  __ __  ____  _____
       /   \ |    \     |      T|  T  Tl    j/ ___/
      Y     Y|  D  )    |      ||  l  | |  T(   \_ 
      |  O  ||    /     l_j  l_j|  _  | |  | \__  T
      |     ||    \       |  |  |  |  | |  | /  \ |
      l     !|  .  Y      |  |  |  |  | j  l \    |
       \___/ l__j\_j      l__j  l__j__j|____j \___j
What you will find here are FIGlet fonts which can be used with the FIGlet program to produce output like that above, mainly those I have created myself or converted from other people's designs. Also included are links to other sites with FIGlet-related information, such as the main FIGlet web site, frequently-asked questions, and more fonts.

Kent's Conversions/Designs
These are my designs/conversions and conversions of other people's designs that I've contributed to the FIGlet archives. They are available to look at here in a sampler and as full FIGlet font files to view or download. I may add more later.

Other FIGlet Fonts
Here is a relatively complete collection of the rest of the contributed and default FIGfonts (actually this is grex's figlet fonts directory, so some of these may not exactly match those in the official FIGlet distribution and contributed fonts collections; I've made a few corrections here and there, or added some characters at the request of grex users). See the main figlet site for the most recent versions of these fonts and any new fonts.

FIGlet Home Page (Ian Chai)
Answers the questions "What is FIGlet?" "Why does FIGlet exist?" and "Where do I get FIGlet?" This is the main site for all FIGlet activities, including standard and contributed fonts, as well as program binaries for several platforms. Ian is the "I" in FIGlet. FIGlet can also be accessed via FTP FIGlet Directory
Appears to be a mirror of the main FIGlet FTP site.

Paul Burton's FigWin Site [Broken Link]
FigWin is a GUI adaptation of FIGlet which has a number of interesting and unique features compared to the regular command-line FIGlet including vertical smushing and adjustable magnification of fonts on screen. FigWin can also be found at the FIGlet home site in the /pub/figlet/program/windows directory. Also see FIGWin on FIGWin was always beta software and support cannot be found now. It may or may not work in more recent Windows operating systems (try running it in compatibility mode).

This is the abbreviated FAQ that is posted to the FIGlet mail list periodically. It tells how to subscribe and unsubscribe from the mail list, as well as how to reach the main FIGlet site. This is a local copy.

Here is the link to the main FIGlet site's FAQ document:

A Perl module to provide FIGlet abilities, akin to banner.
Note: search on CPAN for "Text::FIGlet" and you'll also find Text::FIGlet::Font (text generation for Text::FIGlet), Text::FIGlet::Control (control file support for Text::FIGlet), and Text::FIGlet::Ransom (composite font support).

alt.ascii-art (Usenet news link)
The Usenet group rec.arts.ascii appears to have gone away when its moderator retired, so alt.ascii-art is the remaining main ASCII art news group. Occasionally, people will post fonts here or announce new FIGlet on-line services and software ports, but beware, without moderation, there is a lot of garbage to sort through.

phpFiglet is a PHP class file that can be called from your own programs to display text in an unusual manner. See also the FreshMeat page for phpFiglet

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