Dear Jeff Wunderlich,

Whereas the Aurora editor, published by nText Research, is no longer obviously supported nor sold, and its development stopped at a rather crucial juncture along the path to a full Windows32 GUI application, yet there are still many devoted users, please make Aurora open source software and let others continue development.

I know this would not mean any additional income for you, but I doubt that there has been much Aurora-generated income recently, anyway. You would, however, gain the lasting admiration of Aurora users.

Personally, I'd like to see Aurora32 out of its beta status as a Win32 console application, with its registration nags removed (if we can no longer register the program). This would entail some programming effort, at least to remove registration code, and perhaps to fix any bugs detected these past few years of beta testing.

After that, there is the idea of moving Aurora to a full Windows GUI application with all the flashy scrollbars, pull-down menus, and buttons, yet with the core Aurora functionality and AML language intact. Still further down the road, if the assembly language barrier is not too great, Aurora could be ported to other systems, most notably Unix. That particular world has many editors, but nothing as flexible and easy to use as Aurora, IMO. I'm not sure of this latter idea...Aurora is so fast it must depend on some critical assembly code that might be difficult to port. But it is a possibility.

As an initial sign of good faith to loyal Aurora users, please release a registration code for Aurora32 that we can all use.

Thank you for considering the open source software option, and whatever you decide, thank you for creating a truly unique and wonderful editor!


--Kent Nassen (Registered Aurora user)