Kent's Aurora Page Log

This is a catch-all page for the notes and logs I've been making about Aurora's status and the status of these pages. Most of them are really old and may not apply any more (e.g. the status of links). To improve the readability of the main page, I decided to pull them into this file.
I've tried to replace all references to with this page. Last time I checked, is a non-existent domain, so the dire warnings about going there no longer apply. However, that may not last and I'd rather not send you someplace you weren't expecting and with unknown content. --kdn 12/22/01
I've replaced the screenshots with PNG images. 1/15/01 --kdn.
Before Going Further into this Site, Please read this first...

Please use caution when clicking on any of the links at this site. They do not currently go to the NText web site, but rather to a page promising to take you there (which, annoyingly, makes your browser window very large), which then goes to a search page. If you search at that page, windows pop up all over the place and you spend too much time shutting them down, and eventually find out that it can't find NText. At least, those were my experiences. YMMV.
--Kent Nassen, June 2000.


As of February 4, 2000, the NText web site can no longer be reached and e-mail sent to the author bounces. I have no way of knowing if this is a permanent situation or just a temporary server problem. I suspect the former based on the trend of the last year or so and reports from the field of phone calls and e-mail messages to Aurora's author going unanswered. In addition, the software publisher used by NText to sell Aurora, reportedly no longer does. This means currently there is, as far as I know, no way to purchase the editor, nor is official support readily available. PLEASE READ THESE AURORA PAGES WITH THIS INFORMATION IN MIND. If I find out any more, I'll post it here.
--Kent Nassen, February 2000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While as far as I know, Aurora is still sold and may still be supported, it is apparently no longer under active development. There is no native Windows GUI version, nor is there likely to ever be. Please keep this in mind when evaluating Aurora for purchase and use. I personally do not pay money for beta versions of anything and that includes the beta Win32 console version of Aurora. I did, however, purchase and later upgrade the DOS release version of Aurora, which continues to serve me well (on WinNT v4).
--Kent Nassen, December 1999.