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Download Aurora

NOTE: the Aurora Editor is no longer sold or supported by NText. You can still use the programs, and depending on which version you want to use, you can even register with the key provided by Aurora's author for the Win32 version.

Removing the nags from Aurora was discussed on Usenet quite a few years ago. These are links to a couple postings archived by Google Groups. They are posted here mainly for their historical interest. I can't say if what is discussed "works" or not; I have not tried it, nor do I plan to.

aurc33b1.exe for Win32 (95/NT) console mode (12-23-97, 673,703 bytes, self-extracting zip file). This is a beta test version.

Here are the 386+ version 3.0 of Aurora DOS, and the 8086 version 3.0. NOTE: the 386 version of Aurora is required to install the 8086 version even if you can't run the 386 version.

The Aurora editor is distributed as shareware. It is not public domain, open-source, nor is it freeware. See the documentation supplied with the editor for details on the conditions of use for the shareware version and for how to order a fully-licensed version of the Aurora editor.

According to nText, purchase "discounts are available for BBS sysops, educational institutions, full-time students, US government agencies, and approved user groups" as well as "quantity discounts and site (multi-user) licensing."

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Subscribe to the Aurora Mail List

This is a very low traffic list. Most of the responses deal with questions about editor usage, particularly programming in the Aurora macro language, as well as suggestions to the author for future improvements to the editor.

This mail list uses the Majordomo software, and you should (I was successful when I tried it --kdn 02/24/03) be able to subscribe by sending an e-mail to majordomo@ccs.covici.com with the message "subscribe aurora". Otherwise, send a request to owner-aurora@ccs.covici.com the Aurora mail list administrator.

Responses to the Aurora mail list itself (NOT subscription requests or unsubscribe requests: they should go to the Majordomo listserver address) should be sent to aurora@ccs.covici.com.

As of March 1998, the Aurora mail list has been relocated. John Covici generously offered to host the list at his site (Thanks, John!).

Also see Glen Tarigan's web page. Glen was our long-time list administrator until he found out that his ISP wouldn't allow mail lists. Thanks to Glen for all his efforts. As of June 2005, this link no longer works --kdn.

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Go to the Aurora Mail List Archive

Steven La maintains an archive of responses to the Aurora mail list from July 1996 to the present. The mail list archive files listed at this site are currently downloadable only, but well worth reading for tips on usage and macro updates (there are some very talented Aurora macro programmers out there!). Recent mail list discussion topics have included developing an Aurora macro for doing floating point numeric calculations and reviews of Aurora in the press. As of June 2005, this link no longer works --KN.

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Links to Other Aurora Web Sites

nText Web Site
NOTE: This site (ntext.net) no longer exists. Here you would have found the newest versions on the Aurora editor, including the Win32 console mode version recently made available for testing. This site allows downloads as well as on-line ordering and new contact information. It's still under construction so some of the links may not work (but the information, download, and ordering pages seem to be okay).

Steven La's Aurora page
An excellent Aurora Editor page! This page predates mine, is a lot fancier, and there should be other useful information there. As noted above, there is an archive of the Aurora mailing list here, as well as more and possibly different macros and other Aurora information. Highly recommended! (Link may respond slowly). This site was still reachable as of 12/22/01. As of June 2005, this link no longer works --KN.

A Review of the Aurora Editor at www.sharewarejunkies.com.
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