Sportsman's Paradise

Kevin Maki

Assistant Professor
Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
College of Engineering
The University of Michigan

kjmaki [at] umich [dot] edu

111 NAME Building
2600 Draper Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2145 USA



University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

  • Ph.D., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, December 2005
  • M.S.E., Aerospace Engineering, April 2004
  • M.S.E., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, August 2002
  • B.S.E., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, April 2001

Research Interests

Research interests include investigating free-surface hydrodynamics for analysis and design of high-performance naval craft and renewable-energy devices. Theoretical effort is focused on accurate description of the flow about marine vessels. Numerical research employs finite-volume and boundary element techniques to solve equations appropriate to govern the performance of ships maneuvering in waves, and energy devices and structures that operate in the ocean.

Select Publications

  1. Dominic J. Piro and Kevin J. Maki (August 2012) “Hydroelasitic Analysis of Bodies that Enter and Exit Water”, Journal of Fluids and Structures
  2. Kevin J. Maki, Ricardo Sbragio, Nickolas Vlahopoulos (2012) “System Design of a Wind Turbine using a Multi-Level Optimization Approach”, Renewable Energy, vol. 43, pp. 101-110.
  3. Kevin J. Maki, Riccardo Broglia, Lawrence J. Doctors, and Andrea Di Mascio (2012) “Nonlinear Wave Resistance of a Two-dimensional Pressure Patch Moving on a Free Surface”, Ocean Engineering, vol. 39, pp. 62-71.
  4. Kevin J. Maki, Donghee Lee, Armin W. Troesch, and Nickolas Vlahopoulos (2010) “Hydroelastic Impact of a Wedge-Shaped Body”, doi:10.1016/j.oceaneng.2010.12.011, Ocean Engineering.
  5. Maki, K.J., Doctors, L.J., Scher, R.M., Wilson, W.M., Rhee, S.H., Troesch, A.W., and Beck, R.F. (2008), “Conceptual Design and Hydrodynamic Analysis of a High-Speed Sealift Adjustable-Length Trimaran”,Transactions of SNAME.
  6. Maki, K.J. and Troesch, A.W. and Beck, R.F. (2008), “Experiments of Two-Dimensional Transom Stern Flow”, Journal of Ship Research, vol. 52, no. 4, pp. 291-300, December.

Current Students

  • Alton Luder III: Time Spectral Method for Periodic Incompressible Flows
  • William Rosemurgy IV(Cochair with Prof. Robert Beck): Velocity Decomposition for Steady Ship Flows
  • Dominic Piro: Global and Local Hydroelastic Characterization of High Performance Vessels
  • Grzegorz Filip: Offshore Wind Energy
  • Marc Woolliscroft: Multi-Fidelity Strategies for Unsteady Free-Surface Problems

Past Members

  • Wei Wu, PhD (Cochair with Prof. Michael Bernitsas): Ocean Renewable Energy
  • Deborah Edmund, PhD (Cochair with Prof. Robert Beck): Velocity Decomposition
  • William Garland, M.S.
  • Jan Land, Diploma Student from TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Robert Oberlies, M.S.E.
  • Donghee Lee, post-doc


  • NA 401 - Small Craft Design
  • NA 403 - Sailing Craft Design Principles
  • NA 599 - Introduction to Numerical Hydrodynamics
  • NA 620 - Numerical Marine Hydrodynamics
  • "Sailing Yacht Perfomance Analysis" An accredited short course presented at the SNAME Marine Technology Conference & Expo, November 14, 2007, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Co-Instructor with Prof. Robert Beck.