Kanghwan (Khan) Kim

Research Scientist (Technical Research Personnel)
at Korea Institute of Science and Technology

former Graduate Student Research Assistant at Yoon Lab
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan

5 Hwarang-ro 14-gil
Center for BioMicrosystems, L7332
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea 02792
Mailto: khankim at kist dot re dot kr

A Short Bio

I was born in Daegu, South Korea, in 1990. After graduating from Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (KMLA), a small school in the middle of the mountains of Gangwon Province, South Korea, I moved to New York City to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city life. I went to The Cooper Union to study Electrical Engineering. From Summer '12 and until I moved from the city, I had worked for Columbia University's EnHANTs project group, with Prof. Gil Zussman's wim.net lab and Prof. John Kymissis's CLUE.

After graduating from The Cooper Union, I decided to shift the gear of my life once again. I went to Ann Arbor, MI, a small and calm city in the Midwest, for my postgraduate studies. There, I worked with Prof. Yoon, focusing on development of implantable multi-electrode arrays (a.k.a. neural probes) with multiple functionalities such as optogenetics for a variety of in vivo, freely behaving animal experiments. I received an M.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2015, and defended my PhD dissertation in 2019.

Currently, for my military duties, I am working at KIST, in Seoul, South Korea, as a research scientist. Here, as a member of the Center for BioMicrosystems, Brain Science Institute, I am working with teams of neuroscientists and engineers from a number of different backgrounds to develop groundbreaking tools for neuroscience research and neurotherapeutics.

Things I'd Love To Do

For my research, I ...

  • Design and fabricate MEMS devices
  • Characterize microelectronic systems
  • Build analytical models
  • ... for neuroscience applications!

Besides research, I am always down for ...

  • Rock climbing
  • Cup(s) of coffee
  • Restaurant hunt
  • Social gatherings


A have worked on several interesting engineering projects. Here I am listing only a few of them.

Neural probes with monolithically integrated μLEDs for optogenetics in freely behaving animals

For my PhD thesis, I developed neural probes that have monolithically integrated neuron-sized micro-LEDs that can be used in studies of brain circuits in feely behaving animals with the highest spatial and temporal resolution known to date.
[Publication Link #1]
[Publication Link #2]
[Publication Link #3]

A system for closed-loop neuroscience experiments in moving animals

During '16 - '17, I worked with Adam Mendrela to develop a neural recording and stimulation system with a miniature 'headstage,' using the μLED optoelectrode. I am expecting the system to help neuroscientists run a number of exciting neuroscience experiments that take advantage of its capability to interact with brain circuits in closed-loop.
[Publication Link #1]

Dissemination of new tools for brain circuit mapping

Since Fall '17 and until I left UM, I worked with a team of engineers to provide neuroscientists around the world with novel tools for brain research. I managed processes of fabrication, assembly, and chracterization of the μLED optoelectrodes. The devices are being disseminated through NeuroNex MINT, an NSF-funded neurotechnology hub.