Ryan Kellogg: Research


Working Papers

  • Anderson, Soren T., Ryan Kellogg, and Stephen W. Salant, "Hotelling Under Pressure," NBER working paper #20280, Energy Institute at Haas working paper #250 (2014). Most recent version here. Revisions requested from the Journal of Political Economy. [abstract]

  • Kellogg, Ryan, "Gasoline Price Uncertainty and the Design of Fuel Economy Standards," working paper (2016). Preliminary draft available upon request. [abstract]

Work In Progress

  • Herrnstadt, Evan, Ryan Kellogg, and Eric Lewis, "Information Asymmetry, Drilling Distortions, and Second-Best Oil and Gas Leases."

  • Kellogg, Ryan and James Sallee, "Durable Goods Demand and the Rationality of Consumers' Price Expectations: Evidence from Gasoline and Diesel."

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