Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

The University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2104




A.  Courses Taught


Arizona State University                                                                                          

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (sophomore)

Digital Computer Fundamentals (sophomore)

Electrical Networks (junior)

Clinical Nuclear Engineering (senior)

Physics of Diagnostic Radiology (graduate)

Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation (graduate)

Medical Tomography (graduate)


Georgia Institute of Technology                                                         

Thermodynamics I (sophomore)                                                                                

Nuclear Engineering Seminar (undergraduate/graduate)

Introduction to Radiation Protection  (graduate)

Medical X-ray Imaging (graduate)

Internal Dosimetry  (graduate)

Medical Usage of Radioisotopes (graduate)

Medical Terminology for Engineers (graduate)                                                  

Health Physics Practice (graduate)

Medical Physics Internship (graduate)                                                              

Practical Problems in Health Physics (graduate)                                                         


The University of Michigan

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (sophomore)     

Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering (sophomore)

Radiological Health Engineering Fundamentals (senior)

Medical Radiological Health Engineering (graduate)

Internal Radiation Dose Assessment (graduate)



B.  Continuing Education (Short) Courses Taught


            September 1978            Basic Radiation Protection. Harvard School of Public Health.

                                                  Instructor for detection instruments.


            April 1979                     Basic Radiation Protection. Harvard School of Public Health.

                                                  Instructor for thermoluminescent detectors.


            May 9-10, 1988            Radiation Safety.  Arizona State University. Developed and

                                                  taught section for medical personnel and radiation producing



            august 17, 1988            Radiation Safety.  Arizona State University. Taught section for

                                                  medical personnel and radiation-producing equipment.


            September 15, 1988      Medical Physics Training Course for Radiology Residents.

            - May 15, 1989             St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona.  Developed and taught.


            November 3, 1988        Radon Gas: Financial and Legal Implications for

            November 9, 1988        the Housing   Industry. Arizona State University.  Conceived,

            (offered twice)               developed, and taught.


            December 10, 1988       Radon Gas: Financial and Legal Implications for the Housing

                                                  Industry. Arizona State University. Conceived, developed, and



            June 7, 1989                  Radiation Safety for Lead Paint Testing.  City of Phoenix.

                                                  Developed and taught.


            June 14, 1989                Radon Awareness. Arizona Public Service.  Conceived, developed,

                                                  and taught.


            May 21-29, 1990          Advanced Internal Dosimetry.  Quantum Technologies.  Taught.


            April 15-18, 1991          Health Physics Board Certification Examination Review.  Technical

                                                  Management Services, Inc.  Taught section on medical health



            October 28-31, 1991    Radioactive Sample Analysis.  Technical Management Services,

                                                  Inc.  Planned and taught course.


            May 18-20, 1992          Problems in External Dosimetry.  Duke Power Company. Planned

                                                  and taught course.


            August 31-                     Low Level Radioactive Waste Management, Georgia Institute of

            September 4, 1992        Technology.  Course Director.


            September 17, 1992      The Art of Video Instruction.  Georgia Institute of Technology. 

                                                  Lectured 2 hours on tape for the Defense Systems Management



            October 27-30, 1992    Analysis of Radioactive Environmental Samples.  Georgia Institute

                                                  of Technology.  Course Director and Faculty.


            December 7-9, 1992     Nuclear Medicine Update.  Emory University School of Medicine.

                                                  Lecture "Clinical Applications of Dosimetry".


            May 10-14, 1993          Problems in External Dosimetry and Shielding.  Duke Power

                                                  Company.  Planned and taught course.


            Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 1994    Intensive Review for the NRRPT Examination, Greg Coache and

            April 30-May 4, 1995    Associates.  Tri-Cities, Washington.  Planned and taught course.


            July 15-19, 1996           Applications of New Technology in External Dosimetry. Health

                                                  Physics Society. Seattle, Washington. Lecture “External Dosimetry

                                                  in Medical Physics”.


            Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 1999  External Radiation Dosimetry. Ontario Power Generation Company, Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Planned and taught course.


            Nov. 1-4, 1999            Intensive Review for the NRRPT Certification Examination, Detroit Edison, Fermi Nuclear Power Generation Facility, Monroe, MI. Planned and taught course.


            Nov. 8-12, 1999          Internal Radiation Dose Assessment. Ontario Power Generation Company, Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Planned and taught course.


            Oct.-Nov., 2000          NRC Reactor Regulatory Oversight Program Update (part of formal subject matter expert training for radiation safety), Detroit Edison, Fermi II. Planned and taught 2-h lecture (six times).


C.  Curriculum Development


Arizona State University

1.   Nuclear instrumentation graduate option: Developed and implemented nuclear instrumentation master’s and doctoral options within an electrical and computer engineering curriculum, 1984-1986. (A. S. U.)

2.   Bionuclear engineering undergraduate and master’s degree options: Developed and implemented bionuclear engineering/radiological sciences undergraduate and master’s options in biomedical engineering (existing) undergraduate and (new) graduate programs, 1984-89. (A. S. U.)

3.   Revisions of electrical and computer engineering undergraduate curriculum: Chaired committee which oversaw major changes in electrical and computer engineering undergraduate curriculum, 1988-89. (A. S. U.)

4.   New courses in nuclear medicine instrumentation, clinical nuclear engineering, physics of diagnostic radiology, and medical tomography: Developed and taught new courses in support of curricular initiatives, 1984-1989. (A. S. U.)


Georgia Institute of Technology

1.   Laboratory exercises for graduate course on medical X-ray imaging:  Developed series of advanced experiments illustrating the principles of X-ray imaging and quality control, 1990. (G. I. T.)

2.   New graduate course on internal dosimetry: Developed comprehensive course on philosophy, computational methods, and regulation for radiation dose assessments for internally deposited radionuclides, 1990. (G. I. T.)

3.   Major revision of health physics curriculum: Played major role in development and revision of master's curriculum through activities of committee for MS Radiological Engineering, 1991. (G. I. T.)

4.   Video program for Master of Radiological Engineering: Developed and promoted the program, dramatically improving student participant quality and quantity, and number of course offerings, 1990-92. (G. I. T.)


University of Michigan

1.   Undergraduate curriculum for Radiological Health Engineering: Led development and implementation effort of specialization in health physics to be offered as part of nuclear engineering degree, 1993. (U. M.)

2.   New Master of Engineering in Radiological Health Engineering: Designed and implemented new terminal master’s degree for professionals, 1994. (U. M.) Note: This attracted a large fraction of the new NERS graduate students (4-15/y) for several years.

3.   New undergraduate course on radiological health engineering: Developed and taught comprehensive course on radiation protection for seniors and first-year graduate students, 1994. (U. M.)

4.   New graduate course on medical radiological health engineering: Developed and taught new course on medical radiation protection, 1995. (U. M.)

5.   Developed 5-year undergraduate and master’s programs (SGUS) in radiological health engineering and biomedical engineering, 1996. (U. M.)

6.   Developed research project component for NERS 582, and ethics cases for NERS 484 and NERS 211, Winter 1998. (U. M.)

7.   Proposed organizational structure for incorporating Health Physics and Medical Physics into the graduate option of Radiation Measurements and Imaging (for graduate brochure). Solved problem of disadvantage of Radiological Health Engineering graduate students w.r.t. Rackham and NERS degree requirements through cross-listing of courses, Winter 1999. (U. M.)

8.   Developed plan for continuing Radiological Health Engineering at the University of Michigan with the discontinuation of the program in the School of Public Health. Involves assuming responsibility four courses, eliminating duplication, re-organization of materials, and usage of adjuncts, Winter 2000. (U. M.)

9.   Developed detailed curriculum for undergraduate Medical Physics program for NERS department, Fall 2000. (U. M.)

10. Collaborated in the conceptualization and creation of new NERS graduate option, Radiation Safety, Environmental Sciences, and Medical Physics (REM), for the NERS department, Winter 2001. (U. M.)

 11. Created new NERS Radiation Safety, Environmental Sciences, and Medical Physics option guidelines and presentation materials, Fall 2001. (U. M.)

 12. Developed NERS 587, new course on internal dose assessment covering internal dose computations from both the health physics and medical physics perspectives at an advanced level, Winter 2002. (U. M.)

 13. Developed and taught NERS 250, a course designed for first and second year NERS students,  Winter 2003. (U. M.)