Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

The University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2104


Educational Background

Degree Year University Field

Sc. D. 1980 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nuclear Engineering

Doctoral Minor 1980 Harvard School of Public Health Physiology/Medical Physics

M. E. N. E. 1977 University of Virginia Nuclear Engineering

B. Sc. 1975 St. Mary's University (Nova Scotia) Engineering

Employment History

Title Organization

Professor The University of Michigan 1993 - Present

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (Tenured 1993)

Professor Biomedical Engineering 1994 - Present

Professor Radiology 2003 - Present

Radiological Engineer Detroit Edison Fermi I and Fermi II Nuclear Power Facilities

(through Bartlett Nuclear Services, Inc.) 2000-2001

Faculty Associate Los Alamos National Lab, Environmental and Summer 2001, 2002

Health Sciences Division (ESH-4), Inorganic Chemistry (C-SIC)

Program Advisor Radiological Health Engineering 1994 - 2000

Faculty Associate Institute for the Humanities 1997 - 1998

Director of Faculty College of Engineering 1994 - 1997

Development (3 year term)

Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology 1989 - 1993

Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Programs (Tenured 1991)

Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor Emory University School of Medicine 1990 - 1993


Associate Professor Arizona State University 1987 - 1989

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Tenured 1987)

Assistant Professor Arizona State University 1984 - 1987

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Associate Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research 1980 - 1984


Assistant Professor Cornell University Medical School 1980 - 1984

Physics in Neurology

Adjunct Assistant Massachusetts College of Pharmacy 1980

Professor Physics and Mathematics

Research Assistant Massachusetts General Hospital 1980

Physics Research Laboratory

Research Assistant Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977 - 1980

Nuclear Engineering Department

Co-op Engineer Babcock and Wilcox Co. 1975 - 1977

Nuclear Power Generation Division, Technical Staff

Major Fields of Interest and Expertise: personnel dosimetry (thermoluminescent detectors,

optically stimulated luminescent detectors, novel approaches); environmental radionuclide

modeling and measurement (radon, RESRAD and similar codes, in situ spectroscopy,

tomography); radioactive waste transportation, management, disposal, decommissioning and

decontamination; physiological models (PET, SPECT, ICRP, general); internal dose assessment

(ICRP/NCRP, MIRD, general); radiation detection and external dosimetry; applied radiation

protection (medical health physics, nuclear power plant health physics)


Additional Fields of Interest and Experience : positron emission tomography, single

photon emission computed tomography, tomographic image reconstruction, digital

image formation and processing, mammography, medical imaging quality control and

assurance, augmented and virtual reality, new detector material development, history

of women in engineering and physics


A. Dissertation: "Measurement of Glucose Metabolism Using Positron Imaging and F-18-Labeled


B. Published Books and Parts of Books: 9

C. Published Journal Papers (refereed): 70

D. Published Papers, Reports, and News Items (non-refereed): 21

E. Book Reviews: 19

F. Editorials and Letters to the Editor: 13



A. Invited Conference and Keynote Addresses: 16

B. Conference Presentations with Proceedings: Abstracts (refereed): 117

C. Conference Presentations with Proceedings: Papers (refereed): 27

D. Conference Presentations with Proceedings (non-refereed): 28

E. Conference Presentations without Proceedings: 24

F. Seminar Presentations and Invited Talks (non-conference): 118

G. Radio and Television Appearances: 11

H. Newspaper, Magazine, and Internet Articles: 6



A . University Courses Taught

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (sophomore)

Digital Computer Fundamentals (sophomore)

Thermodynamics I (sophomore)

Electrical Networks (junior)

Radiological Health Engineering Fundamentals (senior)

Physics of Diagnostic Radiology (graduate)

Medical X-ray Imaging Laboratory (graduate)

Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation (graduate)

Medical Usage of Radioisotopes (graduate)

Medical Tomography (graduate)

Medical Terminology for Engineers (graduate)

Medical Physics Internship (graduate)

Health Physics Practice (graduate)

Internal Radiation Dose Assessment (graduate)


B . Continuing Education (Short) Courses Taught (selected)

Problems in External Dosimetry and Shielding (5 days)

Internal Radiation Dose Assessment (5 days)

Health Physics Board Certification Examination Review. (5 days)

Intensive Review for the NRRPT Certification Examination (5 days)

Medical Physics Training Course for Radiology Residents (9 months)


C . Curriculum Development

Arizona State University

Responsible for bionuclear component of undergraduate and graduate biomedical engineering

interdisciplinary program

Georgia Institute of Technology

Leader of Health Physics and Medical Physics graduate programs, including video delivery and

medical physics internships

University of Michigan

Leader of Radiological Health Engineering undergraduate and graduate master's programs

Leaded of new Radiation Safety, Environmental Science, and Medical Physics doctoral option



A. Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised: 2

B. Ph.D. Students Supervised (as Chair): 13

C. M.S. Thesis Students Supervised (as Chair): 20

D. M.S./M. Eng. Research Projects: 90

E. Undergraduate Research and Engineering Projects: 69

F. Member of Master's Thesis Committees (not as primary advisor): 4

G. Member of Doctoral Oral Committees (not as primary advisor): 10

H. Member of Doctoral Dissertation Committees (not as primary advisor): 12



"SPECT for Cardiovascular Imaging"

"A Novel Approach to Physiological Imaging"

"Software and Techniques Analysis for PET"

"TLDs and Radiology"

"Radon Mitigation Demonstration: Southwest Tucson"

Presidential Young Investigator Award

"Error Analysis of the Beta-Gamma Algorithm"

"Mixed Field Dosimetry Using Focused and Unfocused Laser Heating of

Thermoluminescent Materials"

"Research Involving Digital Radiography"

"The Dual Integral Glow Analysis (DINGA) Method for Low LET Radiation Field Dosimetry:

"High Fidelity Electronic Display of Digital Mammograms"

"Dual Integral Glow Analysis (DINGA) Method for Mixed Radiation Field Dosimetry"

"Determination of Radionuclide Depth Distribution by Calibrated Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy

"Advanced Radiation Dosimeters for Radiological Dose Assessments"


VI. SERVICE (selected)

A. National Professional Leadership Activities

1. Member, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Scientific

Subcommittee 57 (Dosimetry and Metabolism of Radionuclides), 1992-96.

2. Member, Subcommittee on Radiation Cleanup Standards, National Advisory Council for

Environmental Policy and Technology, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of

Radiation and Indoor Air, 1993-1995.

3. Member, Advisory Committee of the U. S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR),

Washington State University, 1998-2001.

4. Member, Committee on Long-term Research Needs for Managing Transuranic and Mixed

Wastes at DOE Sites, National Academy of Science, 2001-2002.


B . Professional Society Memberships

American Association of Physicists in Medicine, American Association of University Women,

American Nuclear Society, American Society for Engineering Education,

Association of Women in Science, Eta Kappa Nu,Sigma Xi, Health Physics Society,

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Radiation Physics Society,

Order of the Engineer, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Society of Women Engineers


C. Professional Society Activities

American Nuclear Society

1. Member, Scholarship Policy and Coordination Committee, American Nuclear Society, 1997-

2000; Vice-Chair 1998-99.

2. President, American Nuclear Society Michigan Section, 1999-2000 (elected).

3. Member, Board of Directors, American Nuclear Society, 1996-99, 1999-2002 (elected).

4. Member, Executive Committee of Education and Training Division, American Nuclear Society,

1997-2000, 2000-2003 (elected).

5. Member, Executive Committee of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division (Group II),

2000-2003 (elected).

6. Member, ANS Presidentís Blue Ribbon Task Group on Workforce Needs, 2001-present.


Health Physics Society

1. President, Arizona Health Physics Society, 1988-89 (elected).

2. Co-chair, Health Physics Society, Manpower and Professional Education Committee, 1991-92.

3. Member, Board of Directors, Health Physics Society, 1992-95 (elected).

4. Member, Steering Committee/Executive Board, Medical Health Physics Section, Health Physics

Society, 1990-95 (elected).


International Radiation Physics Society

1. Vice President for North America, International Radiation Physics Society, 1997-99 (elected).


D. On-Campus Committees and Service

Arizona State University

1. Member, Radiation Protection Committee, 1986-88.

2. Member, Animal Care and Use Committee, 1987-89.

3. Member, Faculty Senate, 1987-89 (elected).

4. Member, Human Laboratory Subjects Committee, 1988-89.

5. Chair, Committee on Committees, 1988-89 (elected).

6. Member, Executive Committee, 1988-89.

7. Member, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Executive Committee, 1988-89 (elected).

8. Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1988-89.


Georgia Institute of Technology

1. Member, School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty Advisory Committee, 1992-93 (elected).

2. Chair, School of Mechanical Engineering, Committee on Medical Physics, 1993.


University of Michigan

1. Member, Dept. Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Executive Committee, 1993-95, 1998-2000 (elected).

2. Member, Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project Management Review Team, 1993-94.

3. Member, President's Advisory Commission on Women's Issues, 1993-95, 1995-96.

4. Member, Rackham College, Divisional Review Board in Physical Sciences and Engineering,

1994-96, 1999-01; Chair, 1995-96.

5. Program AdvisorCollege of Engineering, M. Eng. in Radiological Health Engineering, 1994- 2000.

6. Member, Panel of Inquiry into Federally-Sponsored Human Radiation Research at the

University of Michigan in the Post-World War II Period, 1994-96.

7. Member, Office of Vice President for Minority Affairs, Faculty Awards Review Committee, Summer 1995, Fall 1995.

8. Member, Bioengineering Program, Committee on Undergraduate Bioengineering Curriculum, 1995.

9. Member, Rackham School for Graduate Studies, Barbour Scholarship Review Panel, 1996-99.

10. Member, College of Engineering, Honors and Awards Committee, 1997-99.

11. Member, College of Engineering, Curriculum Committee, 1999-2000 (elected).

12. Member, Rackham School for Graduate Studies, Divisional Board II Grant Review Panel, 1999-2001.

13. Member, Radiation Policy Committee, 1999-present.

14. Chair, Dept. Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Radiaiton Safety, Environmental Sciences and Medical Physics option, 2001-present.

15. Member, Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) Subcommittee on Human Use of Radioisotopes (SHUR), Dosimetrist, 2003-present.


E. Engineering Consulting

U. S. N.R.C. Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNW), 1999-2001.

University of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, External Reviewer for Faculty of Science,

October 2000

Other Topics

PET Acquisition and Instrument Intercomparison

Catheter Quality Assurance

Medical Physics Surveys for Radiography, Fluoroscopy, and Mammography

Radiography, Angiography, and PET Facility Room Design

Expert Witness on Radiation Health Effects

Investigation of X-ray Diffractometer Exposure

Cyclotron-producible Radionuclides for Medicine

Nuclear Plant Refueling Outages, Radiation Protection Technologist and Health Physicist

Bulk Materials Release Program Review



A . Honors and Awards

1. Governor General's Medal (Canada), St. Mary's University, 1975.

2. Engineering Medal, St. Mary's University, 1975.

3. U.S. E.R.D.A. Traineeship, University of Virginia, 1975-77.

4. Ida Green Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977-78.

5. N.I.H. Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978-79.

6. Whitaker Health Sciences Fund Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979-80.

7. Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation, 1985-91.

8. Tetalman Memorial Award, Society of Nuclear Medicine, 1991.

9. U.S. E.P.A. Innovative Radon Mitigation Design Competition, 1992.

10. Career Development Award, University of Michigan, 1995.

11. Women's Achievement Award, American Nuclear Society, 1995.

12. Service Award, University of Michigan, College of Engineering, 1996.


B. Invited Conference Session Chairs : 10

C . Professional Registrations

1. National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT), 1993-2000, 2001-2005.

2. American Board of Health Physics (ABHP), Certified Health Physicist (CHP), 1994-2005.

3. Northeast Utilities Examination, May 2001.

D. Editorial and Reviewer Work for Technical Journals and Other Publicat ions

1. Associate Editor (Operational Topics), Health Physics Journal , 1991-present.

2. Reviewer, National Research Council/National Academy of Science, The Characterization of

Remote-Handled Transuranic Wastes for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, November 2001.