Siblings and Nephew

This page covers my interracial brothers Bob and Alan, and Bob's son Marshal. That's my older brother Bob above on the left at age three sitting on Santa's lap. His son Marshal, age 3, is on the right next to the Easter Bunny.

When my family first moved to the States from Canada (1963), interracial marriages were still illegal in a number of states, including Michigan (we first moved to Detroit). I'm not sure how much of an issue this was however, since my parents still chose to make the move. With the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court ruling in 1967, interracial marriages were no longer illegal anywhere in the United States.

This is me on the left, Bob in the middle, and Alan on the right. I think I was about two or three, Bob was five or six and Alan was about four months old. None of us look interracial at this point, but looks can be deceiving, and they can change over the years!

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