My Interracial Family

Welcome to my interracial family! This homepage is currently under construction. I will be filling in material and reorganizing as I find time!

I hope you enjoy taking a look at this history through the eyes of my family...It has been a fascinating experience for me. I have tried to combine personal history with existing research on topics relating to interracial families.

Black and White Together--Can You Imagine?

After going through my family's photographs in an attempt to preserve and organize them (hey, I'm a librarian, remember?), I decided they were too cool to shut away in a photo album!

According to the 1990 Census, there are over 1 million interracial families in the United States today. When I was growing up, I did not know a single other interracial family, or interracial person, outside of my family. Perhaps that is why my family's photographs have always been so precious to me. They are a reminder to me that even in the worst of circumstances, people of different "races" can come together in understanding, love and respect.

Some of us at the University of Michigan have put together a bibliography (click here) of articles and books on interracial issues.

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Loving v Virginia

Interracial Statistics

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