Karen Downing's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage! I am a librarian at the University of Michigan's University Library. This homepage is a combination of information the Peer Information Counseling students and I have put together, and interesting links to other homepages. It is continually under construction, so expect some changes periodically!

It's Not a Job, It's a Calling!

I am a Senior Associate Librarian at the University of Michigan University Library. My title is Assistant to the Director for Cultural Diversity and Staff Development Officer. I coordinate parts of the library's diversity and staff development programs.

I earned my Master of Information and Library Studies at Michigan's School of Information in 1989. I also got my undergraduate degree here at U. of M. I majored in History Of Art. Here is my curriculum vitae .

My Interracial Family

This is the history of my interracial family. After going through my family's photographs in an attempt to preserve and organize them (hey, I'm a librarian, remember?), I decided they were too cool to shut away in a photo album! I felt it important to share this story with others who might only know interracial families from watching Geraldo or Sally Jesse on T.V., or Spike Lee's movies ...Gads!

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