Cool Tools: Energizing Law Librarianship with Web 2.0

Open Source Data and Information Tools

Kincaid C. Brown

Head of Electronic & Systems Services
University of Michigan Law Library

About the Slideshow

This presentation was created using S5 - a public domain tool, created by Eric Meyer, that mimics a slideshow in the web environment using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Note: S5 is styled to allow for notes that do not display in the browser to appear in the print/handout. An additional handout with images and code hints is available at

Simile Exhibit

The Simile Project out of MIT has developed Exhibit, an open source tool that allows for:

Exhibit Lets You Take This ...

... And Display it in List (Tile) View

Tile View

Tile Format is the default Exhibit "view." We have used the Tile View for:

... Or Display it in Table View

Table View

We have used Table View for:

... Or Display it in Timeline View

Timeline View

We have used the Simile Timeline for:

... Or Display it in Map View

Map View

We have used Map View for:

Other useful links:

The End