8" Betsy McCall

Short Dresses


Betsy had a large number of short dresses and variations. Betsy's Wardrobe by Lisa Heino is the best source for verifiying authentic outfits but these photos may help.  Lisa's book is indexed by name, fabric, type of clothing, and color, so it makes it very easy to look up an item.

 "Bon Voyage"

 "Sunday Best"  "Playtime"  -- These look too fancy to play in to me! "Coed" -- Blue and red, an all-time favorite. "Town and Country"  "At the Zoo" dress -- Orange with large collar with white trim. Flyer description says it included tights (black), black shoes and balloons! See Photo
'Patio Party' Dress --  Yellow gingham with a white apron with a duck applique. See photo on doll.

"Recess Dress" -- White rick-rack and white soutache trim on hot pink full skirt, pink and white checked top. Came with a pink hat and white vinyl shoes. See Photo. Also shown mint on Betsy and shown on Flyer

School Days dresses --

Schoolgirl dresses --
  •   "Shaded" blue/green or pink/purple
      See Photo.

  •   "Birthday Party" -- Seems to have had many variations. Sketch on MIB package for April Showers.    Holiday Dresses -- all 3 shown in Zillner book.
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