8" Betsy McCall



Outfits were untagged, and there were many variations, plus well-sewn homemade versions, so mistakes are easy to make. Clues to genuine Betsy clothes are:
  • Unusual square snaps
  • Frequent use of bias binding
  • Shoes were either distinctive vinyl shoes with side 'button' or cloth cardboard soled slippers, boots or sandals.
  • Betsy was much slimmer than most other 8-inch dolls, like Ginny or Muffy, but clothing for Penny Brite (an early 60's doll) does fit her.

    There is a fantastic Penny Brite site at http://http://www.angelfire.com/retro/penny_brite/pennyb/pennyb1.htm  that shows all her outfits clearly. I have seen almost very one advertised as a Betsy outfit at one time or another on eBay.

    This pink Penny Brite dress shows up on Betsy all the time! It  has a two-tiered skirt with floral embroidery along the edges that looks just like some on Betsy's party dresses and it fits her, so it is the one most commonly mistaken. I am trying to find a close-up of the dress since the MIP image is hard to see detail on.

    Image Copyright 1999 by  snnfn4me1. Used with permission.