8" Betsy McCall

Ad and Flyer Information


Magazine Ad

This is a magazine ad from the 1950's showing photos of Betsy in several outfits -- the blue pin dot Schoolgirl dress,  "Mommy's Helper", the black coat with pink hat and mittens, and the Birthday Party #1. See  Image. There is also an enlargement of the ad to view (but it is very large and may take a long time to load)

The text says:
Betsy McCall doll is just eight inches tall, with an appealing face, saran hair that can be washed and combed, and a slim body of hard, sturdy plastic with a lifelike bisque finish. She has eyes that open and close, legs that bend so she can walk, sit and kneel. She's a very well-dressed young lady. These are only four of her eighteen costumes, each one complete with tiny accessories. In her chemise, shoes, and socks, Betsy costs about $2.25; her costumes range from about $1.50 to about $3.00 each. By American Character Doll, in toy and department stores.

Betsy McCall Pretty Pac -- will travel with a little girl. It has built-in grooming aids, space to carry her pajamas. In plaid, about $4; in red-and-black check, with umbrella, about $6. By Amsco, at  toy and department stores.


This is the text describing Betsy and her outfits from this booklet:

        (8) Pajamas, floral top, slippers ...$.79
        (9) Recess -- dress, hat, shoes, sox...$1.19
        (10) Floral raincoat, boots, hat ...$1.19
        (11) Party dress, ballet slippers ...$1.54
        (12) Zoo Time -- dress, tights, shoes, 3 balloons ...$1.19
        (13) Velvet, net formal, stole, shoes ...$1.54

BETSY HERSELF is described as "so cute, only 8 in. tall. Fully jointed, she
walks, sits, kneels. Sleeping eyes, rooted hair to comb, brush. Wears lacy
petti-pants, shoes, socks....$1.69.

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Box Illustrations
See Package Illustration from the MIB April Showers raincoat.  It shows the bride,Coed, ice skating, coat and hat, Sun N' Sand, Mommy's Helper, Sugar & Spice, Cotillion, Birthday Party, and Sunday Best. The text says:

From out of the pages of McCall's Magazine steps little Betsy McCall. From homemaker to glamorous mink furs,  her cute and exciting outfits will captivate your heart.

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