Karen E. Nielsen

Department of Statistics - 439 West Hall

BioSocial Methods Collaborative - 6120 ISR

University of Michigan


Twitter: KarenENielsen

LinkedIn: karenen

I am currently working toward a PhD in Statistics. I have taught 8 lab sections of Introductory Statistics (STATS 250) and have acted as a mentor for incoming Graduate Student Instructors in the department. I now serve as a Graduate Teaching Consultant specializing in Instructional Technology with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

I am also a Graduate Student Research Assistant with the BioSocial Methods Collaborative. 

As a member of the MELO3D (Michigan Education through Learning Objects) group, I have contributed to several projects, including:

Name That Scenario

Several Open.Michigan resources

The MELO3D Blog

I have also made substantial contributions to the Statistics ECoach, which is an automated tailored feedback system for introductory science students and visible to anyone with a umich login: