Compilation of all data and manuscripts associated with OPP-9980538

Evolution Of Sea Surface Temperatures In Thecoastal Antarctic

Paleoenvironment During The Late Cretaceous And Paleogene.

Kyger C Lohmann, University of Michigan, P.I.


*As manuscripts are published data will also be archived at the World Data Center,

Boulder, CO.




1. Dutton, A.L., Lohmann, K.C, and Zinsmeister, W., 2002, Stable isotope and elemental

proxies of Eocene climate of Seymour Island, Antarctica: Paleoceanography, v.17, no.2,

10/1029/2000PA000593, 2002.


Published Article:


Data: World Data Center, Boulder, CO.



2. Dutton, A.L., Lohmann, K.C, and Zinsmeister, W., in submission, High-latitude

paleoenvironmental conditions across the K/T boundary: Inferences based on

geochemistry and growth history of fossil bivalves from Seymour Island, Antarctica:

Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology.


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3. Dutton, Andrea L., Huber, Brian T., Lohmann, Kyger C, and Zinsmeister, William J.

, unpublished, Stable isotope evidence for the paleodepth habitat of a dimitobelid



Manuscript with Data tables: