Jeffrey W. Lockhart's Academic Lineage

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The data for this page comes from several sources. My M.S. advisor, Gary Weiss', branch of the tree owes largely to his page (and thus to his advisor, Haym Hirsh), as well as the Mathematics Genealogy Project. For the others, I have made extensive use of the ProQuest dissertations database and the bios and CVs posted on various personal and departmental webpages. I have occasionally resorted to encyclopedias, academic papers, and newspaper obituaries. I have done my best to resolve conflicting sources where possible (e.g. Mencke's name is often spelled "Mencken"). This is still a work in progress, but you may download the raw data about people and the connections between them. I welcome corrections and additions.

Why so many advisors per person? Disciplinary norms vary; in lab-based contexts, it is normal to list only the primary advisor, chair, or PI. Thus, Gary Weiss but not Damian Lyons or Xiaoxu (Henry) Han is listed for my thesis in computer science. In other settings, it is appropriate to list multiple advisors for their equal contributions. This is why both advisors of my women's studies thesis, Judith Green and Corey McEleney, are listed. But why bother to list my undergraduate (or even Masters') thesis advisors? Or all five of Lauren Berlant or Nancy Luxon's committee members? Because tracking down lineage is interesting, and a liberal tree can always be pruned back to just chairs.

The code for this page is available free on my github.