[ About Me ]

I'm a PhD Candidate in sociology at the University of Michigan. My research interests lie primarily at the intersections of: sociology of knowledge; comparative research methods (qualitative, statistical, and computational/data science); and gender and sexuality. My research has been published and presented in a number of venues, including university journals and international conferences. Some of my work and writing also appears in public media.

[ Current Projects ]

I am working on publishing my Cambridge dissertation research, an interview- and archive-based study of the logic and public discourse of the United Kingdom's right-wing LGBT+ organizations. These organizations have extensive political access compared to their counterparts in other Western democracies. I examine how their various class positions, levels of institutional support, histories, and ideological environments shape a variety of sometimes unexpected gay conservativisms.

I am working on a comparative study of text and network analysis methods for studying culture, using LGBTQ campus climate data from the Que(e)ry. Rather than argue for the superiority of any particular method, I demonstrate that they provide diverse insights and argue that we can learn more from using them in concert.

I work with Elizabeth Bruch to identify and understand the strategies and approaches people use in online dating. This project utilizes big data and machine learning technology.