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Welcome! Here you are surfing the Web and you've finally stumbled into my cozy little Net-nook; I've been here since April of 1996 and I've been waiting for you! So, come on in, have a cup of joe and make yourself comfortable! Explore my pages and enjoy yourself. Please, before you leave, drop a note in my mail box and let me know you were here.

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Genealogy Links
I have pursued genealogy as a hobby, on and off, for the last forty years and I've learned a lot about my roots. The link above will take you to my collection of genealogical resources on the web. View family gravestone photos.

My collection of useful links. My web site began here, as a short "hot list" of links which eventually grew into the meta-library, now a key part of my site.

"...the older I get, the more my palate grows cultivated - and the more life's setbacks make me inclined to fill the hollowness of disappointment with the pleasures of the table." -Phillip Lopate. Won't you join me in my kitchen?

I love to travel, and I would rather be in Paris than anywhere else in the world. If you suffer chronic francophilia, as I do, there may be something here for you.

Vascular Surgery
Web site of the Section of Vascular Surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School.

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Your comments, pasta recipes, etc. are welcome!

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