Katrina's thoughts about her family

Bleys "My father, my sparring partner… You raised me well, if distantly. Where were you at my greatest need?"
Brand "You speak so openly of treason, the Queen ought to know of your deviousness, but I am not the one to tell her."
Branwen "The only Queen I ever met who actually deserved her title, and my respect."
Cerridwen "Bitch Queen of reality, your pain was my pleasure. May your suffering be great."
Dalt "A gentler hand can sometimes succeed where force will not. A lesson I learned too late in life. Learn from my mistakes."
Emily "My meaning for living…didn't you know that I would die for you? I would most certainly kill for you. My flesh and blood, turned against me. Can I ever forgive you that? Can you ever know…"
Emma Jane Rhodes "In my final hours you finally became useful. It is a pity I did not know more of you before…"
Gawain "You tried to save your and my daughter, and for that you have earned my favor, but never my trust."
Jacob "My brother, how sad that we shall never truly know one another. I had so missed having a brother. You were reveiled to me, but not soon enough."
Meredith "My cousin wishes to see Brand fall, what a pity, he could be such a useful tool."
Rhiannon "Even if it takes my death curse, you will be removed from the throne and made to suffer. You have ruined my life, and I shall have yours."
Shaenan "You will yet be punished for your evils, and may the Unicorn grant that the punisher be I."

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