Jade Citadel orientation - where do I stay?


Allocating rooms in the Citadel is not just about where you sleep - it's also to do with status. This is the current allocation of quarters, with *indicating duplicate (person who has more than one room), [] indicating previous owner. Note that even dead people have their own rooms, which are as well kept as all the others. There is one person missing -Aelric who has his own room in the Lieutenant's tower. (As Castellan).


Rinaldo was never allocated a room - he stayed in the King's Quarters, which has several spare rooms. Note in all cases the 3rd Floor rooms have the best view (where there is one).


West Wing:


Well-appointed apartments overlooking the city on three levels. First floor rooms are smaller.


3rd Floor: Brand*, [Julian] Caitriona, Malcolm

2nd Floor: Gerard, Caine, Deirdre

1st Floor: Random, Merlin, Martin, Yang, Emily, Morvana.


East Wing:


The best apartments overlook the fountain court, the 3rd floor having private verandas, the others a long terrace with servant access. There are rooms behind them, which abut the thick castle walls, and as such have little natural light and no view at all.


3rd Floor, Ft Court: Flora, Llewella, Fiona*

Interior: Judhael, Selena, Lucern, 2 x VIP.


2nd Floor, Ft Court: Bleys, Corwin, [Eric] Isabella.

Interior: Artemis, Peredur, Alexander, Lucien*, Sarael, Kendrick


1st Floor, Ft Court: Benedict, Osric,Finndo

Interior: Siobhan, Beatrix, Lucretia, Paris, Harken, 1 x VIP.

If you are unhappy with your room, you need to speak to the Seneschal (Lucien) or the Royal Steward, Lady Claudia.