Session - 19 - Dec, 39P

    I woke up early and Terrell was nowhere to be found.  Annoying that.  A servant is supposed ot serve.  *sigh*

    Shortly after lunch, he showed up, with a message.  Shaenan intends to take a bride.  As I read it, I saw my future go up in flames....literally, I had incinerated it.  Shortly thereafter, there was an enormous explosion from Faust's room.  Apparently he had gotten the message too.

    I met with Rhiannon later that afternoon, and explained my concerns.  She tried to talk me out of doing anything detrimental, making it plain that I didn't need my throne, because she had her's, and I could be her happy husband.  Irritating woman!  She finally said, "Do what you must, but leave Amber out of it."   My own wife will not support me.

    Later Rowan shows up and begs sanctuary of Rhiannon.  Sarah and Shaenan have stolen her daughter, my sister, and still Rhiannon refuses to help us.  I now know where her loyalty lies, and it isn't with me.  It is with her precious Amber.

    I decided to contact some of my subjects in the courts.  Balaam in particular.  We spoke at length in Chaos, but what it boiled down to was that he wants to have someone walk the Pattern in Amber.  In return he would owe me a big favor.

    I thought on this a while, and contacted Faust.  Letting him know that I may be able to help him with Sarah, if he were able to do me a favor.

    I then contacted Gawain directly to let him know of Sarah's interest in the Circle.  I offered my help, as any dutiful son-in-law would.  He declined, but it was a start.

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