Session - 18 - Dec, 39P

    Ah, my wife.  While the sex was wonderful, just for what it was....the woman I love and all, it was just not up to "snuff".  Not to mention it was a bit dangerous.  She does have a strange little tattoo.  I was never able to get a good look at it though.  She is very Victorian in her attitudes about nudity and sex, and was quite inhibited about me examining her body.  In the middle of our passions, I saw in her mind a negative thought.  Hoping to enhance her experience, I "brushed" it away.  Before I knew what happened, she had slammed my head against the headboard, warning me to not enter her mind.

    In other interesting news...Caine, Rhiannon's grandfather is her new advisor.  Apparently Jacob and Emily have overstepped the bounds once too many times.

    Finally, I Trumped Branwen today, and we discussed magic, and more specifically Jewel Magic.  She is not terribly familiar with it.  I am sure it is a source of much power though.  I asked her to seek out her father and ask if we might assay his magic circle again, to go over some areas that we both missed in the original pass thru.  She did, and he denied her request.

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