Session - 17 - Dec 20, 39P

Got a note from Mom today.  It seems Uncle Shaenan has assented for Dad to assay the Logrus.  I was beginning to wonder if he thought himself above the Emperor.

The Were seem to be gitting sick.  Apparently Rhiannon has set forth a timetable to be rid of them and Brand.  I am quite glad.  I don't trust him at all.  I met Rhiannon for a while this morning.  She wants me to go to Arden to invite Julian personally for the wedding.  She was rather transparent about the whole thing.  I sent Terrell to "be me".

I scry on the trial of Gerard Nathaniel.  It does not seem to be going well, and is full of supposition.  Finally it ends, and Brand is about to kill Nathaniel.  I appear outside the door after trying ineffectually to stop Brand via magic.  I arrive in time to hear Brand bloodcurse Rhiannon and then to see Emily blow him apart with Kinslayer.  That was sobering.

Dec 21, 39P

Dad is insane.  Or so I have been told.  The throne has been given to Shaenan.  I have been adopted into Sawall.  My world has fallen apart.  I don't trust him.  My life looks to be as short as his time to produce a new heir.  Mom and I talked a long time about it, and she says I have to "show my surety".  I will do it, even if I am not.

Dec 22, 39P

I am married.  My beloved and I are one at last.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and even Mom made it.  Dad, alas, could not.  I met with many from the courts, including Sarah Channicut.  It was interesting.  I am happy?

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