Session - 16 - Dec 19, 39P


"Brrrrr." My, but it gets cold here. I woke this morning to find it was snowing. Now, I had seen snow before, but ick, it is cold. I immediately lit the fire in the fireplace with a small fireball. An obvious use of magic, but just the same, it got the job done quickly. Terrell shortly brought my breakfast. Before I even rose from bed, I had Terrell bring me my writing materials. I penned a quick note to mother regarding being engaged. I am sure she will be thrilled. I then sent a note to Branwen. Shortly, a note was returned asking me to come to Rebma tomorrow to discuss magic at length.


I worked on a few Trumps and then went downstairs. I had to find Faust, as I couldn't seem to get him just right. I found him overseeing construction of a door area that seemed to lead down to the basement. We spoke for a while, and it was decided that I should ask Balaam to do the ceremony. Mirelle showed up and I noted that she has a fake aura. Then I went Ice Skating. That was a mistake, but I will get to that.


Waiting for me in my rooms was a set of guards. Apparently Brand has assigned everyone in the castle a guard. Mine has a psychic shield. I don't like that. Lt. Ioric, works for Brand apparently.


After Ioric left, I went down to skate. My guard and Terrell accompanied me. As I started skating, the ice broke. Quite shocking, since it had been being skated on all day. I immediately fell into the water. I quickly shifted some gills into place and struggled out. Three others fell in as well. I dove in, and hauled the first two by throwing them clear. The third was rescued by Terrell.


Mirelle was at the rink, and began attending to the injured immediately. She checked me, and I noted that her mind, while still under a fake aura, was smaller than mine. That is good to know. I then Trump Terrell and I home for a hot bath. The guard seemed a bit miffed by that. I immediately scryed the rink for residual spell energy, and found that it had been a spell that broke the ice. Someone is out to get me.


Later, I tried to create a Trump of Emma. It kept being disrupted. Damn her! I worked a little longer then I gave up and did a quick sketch and got thru. I explained that I wanted to make a trump of her, and she allowed it. We spoke a little of Rhiannon and it came to my mind that I may have been psychically slammed to love her so. Mostly that was due to Emma's clearing my mind on the issue. I then retired to bed for the evening. It had been a long day.


Dec 17, 39P


I awoke early and readied myself for a visit to Rebma. Interesting place. I lunched with Branwen and Jacob, and we all discussed magic. Especially the Magic Circle. We decided to assay it. Cerridwen provided the transportation. After a short trip, we arrived and began to study the circle. After we understood the basics, we walked it. Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Being exhausted, we supped in Thelbane with Mom and Dad. I spoke with Mom at length after dinner about Shaenan messing with my mind. I also promised to research the circle more and to see if I could figure a way for Chaosians to assay it. We then returned to Amber.


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