Session - 15 - Dec 12, 39P


I sent a note to Rhiannon. I want to spend more time with her. She is so disarming. I find her a bit off still, but these feelings of love… They are so overwhelming. Rhiannon and I meet later and do some archery practice. Meredith joins us, and for the entire time she was there she set wards, cast spells, and in general just confirmed my view that this family is a group of crazy barbarians. Rhiannon too, but at least in her, it is cute.



Dec 16, 39P


I went to Rhiannon's study today. Meredith was there. I tried not to listen to their conversation until I heard Meredith giggle. I recognized the giggle immediately. It was her! The little trollop was spying on me while I was changing. How dare she! I am not ashamed of my body, in fact, I quite like it, but to intrude so completely on my personal space! So, being suitably irritated, I told Rhiannon about my being "spied" upon while changing clothes.


Later, Rhiannon and I walk and talk. Halfway to Amber City, I can wait no longer. I drop to one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. She accepts quickly enough. Could she love me as much as I love her at this moment. I wonder. When I declared my love, Rhiannon ran off.



Dec 17, 39P


Terrell came into my study as I was busy painting. He seemed concerned. He said nothing, just held out his hand and dropped what appeared to be the remains of teeth into my hand. I asked him what they were. He replied that they were what was left of my Aunt Flora, and that it had been found in a flower pot in Meredith's rooms. That BITCH! She has killed one of the only people I know in this forsaken kingdom. I have had enough of her prying eyes, and murderous habits. She has made an enemy this day. I immediately informed Rhiannon of Meredith's doings. She seemed concerned and said she will investigate it. Later we had lunch and discussed concerns about Meredith, and what we should do about her. Perhaps a nice padded room.


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