Session - 14 - Dec 8, 39P


I received a summons from Mother today. She needed to talk to me. Once we had met, I was in shock for a bit. She and Dad want to marry me off….to Queen Rhiannon of Amber. A strange match to be sure. Me, the crowned prince of Chaos, heir to the throne, to wed the ruler of my historical enemy. They have an interesting sense of humor. Then again, perhaps it'll work. After all, it is only a marriage of state. It isn't as though I need to love her. I can have my lady and gentleman loves on the side. This is simply to stabilize the peace between our kingdoms. And, after all, we are distant cousins of some sort. I think my great-great-great grandfather is her great-uncle or some such thing. Anyway, the servants are packing and I am nearly ready to go. Apparently my Uncle Shaenan will be taking me across. Dad has told me that I am to assay the Logrus just as Shaenan has. Perhaps I should ask him about it sometime.


Spider! I never thought we would get here. Uncle Shaenan and I arrived in Amber today. It was an awful trip. I nearly threw up during the crossing. I guess Dad wasn't kidding when he said it would be "eye-opening". I will have to get used to this, especially since Mother made me promise to visit her in the Courts often. Well, all of my luggage arrived safely and is being stowed and the dance is already beginning. I got a note from Rhiannon asking me to join her and her mother for lunch on the terrace. I sent back an affirmative response. I guess I should get going…after all, how bad can it be?


Spider! How bad can this get?!?! After a fairly pleasant beginning it went all downhill. A few sentences into lunch and I mentioned my cousin Katrina. I thought Rhiannon was going to loose it. She maintained control, but the overwhelming feelings of hate coming from her were hard to ignore. It was almost psychotic. And Emma, the "Queen-Mum", started bitching about being ignored right in the middle of our "civilized" lunch. What kind of a barbarian family have my parents set me up with? Not to mention, after lunch, Emma escorted me around the grounds. I swear she flirted with me the whole time. I mean I like a good time as much as the next guy, but she is my fiancée's mother!!! I did manage to see most of the "Newcastle" grounds though, as well as meet a few cousins: Brent, Mirelle and Faust. Well, before I get carried away, I should set some wards and begin some Trumps before dinner.


Well, wasn't THAT interesting. So much to say and yet so little. I have a lot to learn about these people and need to begin keeping my eyes open. After doing some Trumps, I put on my spectacles and went down to dinner. Every single person there with the possible exception of Shaenan and myself were complete wretches. Chaosian are brought up properly and know how to behave in public. These people obviously have been on their own far too long. I did notice a few interesting things though. That stone around Emma's neck is more than just a pretty ruby. It is glowing like nothing I have ever seen before. That is PURE power. Faust too was a surprise. He has a head the size of Shaenan's and maybe more. Oh, and lest I forget…Rhiannon, my dear sweet betrothed. She is completely insane! She must be. After some truly vile comments from her parents, she dug her nails into her flesh to the point blood was running down her hands. No SANE person does that.


Later, I met with Rhiannon to go riding. Interestingly enough, her hands were healed. A shapeshifter? I wonder. The ride was pleasant enough, but I still think she is both dangerous and completely loony.


Ah, another day in Amber, as if my first wasn't bad enough. Well, it wasn't that bad I guess. After breakfast a few of us decided to go swimming, and after carefully barring the way into the pool via psychically manipulated guards, we were able. These Amberites are extremely self-conscious. It wouldn't have been an issue at home. Anyway, after a few hours of this, I excused myself. I needed to work on Trumps. There was no place other than Avignon that I wanted to go to, so I went there to do it. I finished quite a few and caught up a bit with Adam and Lylesberg. It was a pleasant escape.


Well, here I am, in Amber again. (sigh) I penned a note to Dad and had Uncle Shaenan deliver it. It simply read "H-E-L-P" and was marked with my signet ring. When Shaenan got back, he explained to me that Dad thought this was highly important and I must go thru with it. He also talked me into believing that Rhiannon's "insanity" is cute. I don't know why I didn't see it before. It gives me a chance to help her. After all, she is beautiful. And intelligent and cunning. What is not to love. He is right, I am overreacting. I will make the best of it, and love her despite her faults.


Another day in Amber and I needed a break though, so it was back to Avignon to work on Trumps. Sometimes it is the only thing that calms me down. I will make a few more and return home. Hmmm. Home? Where is home these days? Here? The Courts? Amber? I don't feel as though I fit in anywhere exactly. Perhaps the marriage will rectify that. We shall see. After all, I am completely happy with Rhiannon.

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