A few thoughts on leaving Avignon

Quotes - August 26th, 1998
Despil Father, you have taught me much, now you say I am to wed. I have never disobeyed your authority before, but this nearly gave me reason to. I shall abide by your wishes for now, but Rhiannon had better not become irritating.
Rowan Mother, Your love for me seems to know no bounds. As mine for you knows none. You have always been there for me. I will not let you down.
Adam Cousin, you taught me how to enjoy life, while still under my parent's guarding shadow's, now I go out into the world. Thanks for giving me what they didn't teach.
Lylesberg You were a good friend, I shall endeavor to see you often.
Bleys Distant, brooding, I gather he has a dislike for me, but I don't know why.
Flora Teaching the subleties of the court was your greatest gift Aunt Flora. Thank you.
Stead Brother, Are you angry with me? I did not choose to be named heir. Blame father for his decision, not me.
Dara They say be wary of you, but you seem nice enough. We shall see what time will tell.

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