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What is Intellect?

Intellect is the Design/illustration label of JuQuan Williams. He has collaborated with numerous artists on numerous projects in the past, but most illustration and design is done by him. Intellect offers such services as logo design, Promotional, and any miscellaneous illustration that needs to be done. Founded as 'Vengeance Studios' in 1993, Intellect has slowly built its reputation, and now stands as a viable resource for individuals and groups that need illustration or design work done for them.

So far, Intellect's work as been in various publications, in additon to promotional work for major events at the University of Michigan. Intellect also released a small publication locally in Ann Arbor called Tales of Vengeance.

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In his spare time, JuQuan works on comic books. In fact, he is currently developing a few projects that he hopes will one day see publication. These are a few of the concepts that he is currently working with. All characters are copyrights of JuQuan Williams.

Marshall Storm Pigeon
The SEIZURE Weekend Heroes

all characters and stories copyright 1999 Juquan Williams. All rights reserved.
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