The Sound of M2S

There has never been a rap group quite like M2S. The four members who pooled their talents in 1993 to form M2S wear many hats at many different times: All four are long-time friends and students, as well as being accomplished writers, speakers, lyricists, and producers. By combining all of their talents, they form a group that is self-sufficient in handling almost all aspects of the music business: from production, writing, and performance to even Publishing and promotion. Alone, each member can more than hold his own, but together the four are complex parts of a greater whole, with the contributions of each member shifting to provide for the changing needs of each different music project.

As a group, M2S has evolved considerably from the misleading 'gangster' image they used when they first formed. Now M2S covers a wide variety of subjects that they- and all music lovers in general- can truly identify with: an intense love of music, life's everyday triumphs and tragedies, the desire to elevate one's self and one's craft to higher levels, and the bond of friendship that never dies. All of these are important in the lives of Hook, Jugghead, Devastator, and Waxo, and it shows in their music. M2S seeks to provide the world with a stroke of genius in a forum where mediocrity has become the norm.

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